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Hold down the CTRL key to enable snapping.

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Map Export

Use the options below to define the output map extent and layout.

Page Layout

Page Size

Page Rotation (-180° - 180°)

Export Format


Export Features
Select Feature Set

Import Features

Import a GPX, KML, KMZ or Shapefile (zipped) as graphic features.

Coordinate Conversion

Convert a coordinate between different coordinate systems. The available options are relevant to South Africa.

Input Coordinates

Central Meridian: (17-33)

Output Coordinate System

Central Meridian: (17-33)
Result X:
Result Y:

Note: The Transverse Mercator (LO) projection uses a scale factor of +1.0, which is a south-oriented format of the standard surveying projection format with negated values for the X and Y coordinates.
Generate a buffer zone for a selected graphic.
  • Draw a graphic in the map
  • Specify the buffer distance and units
  • Activate the Buffer Select button
  • Click on a graphic to select the feature to buffer
  • Wait for the buffer zone graphic to be added to the map as a graphic
Distance Units

Elevation Profile
Generate an elevation profile from a line graphic.
  • Draw a line graphic in the map
  • Activate the Profile Line Select button
  • Click on a line graphic to select the profile intersect
  • Wait for the interactive elevation profile graph to be generated in the container below the map
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