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For assistance or queries regarding the application, please contact the GIS unit at the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.
(021) 808 5111
Geographic Information System Unit

The previous version of CapeFarmMapper can be accessed here.

CFM 3 requires a WebGL-enabled browser. If you experience slow rendering in CFM, please visit to see if your browser is WebGL-enabled.


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CapeFarmMapper 3 is a Web-mapping application for agriculture and related disciplines. This application is developed by the Department of Agriculture of the Western Cape Provincial Government.


The data presented on this site originates from various sources and custodians and its correctness cannot be guaranteed. Cadastre boundaries may be incorrect or outdated and thus the onus is on the user to cross reference with survey diagrams and deeds information if necessary. Any person using this information will be doing so at their own risk and the WCDoA or any other data supplier shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any loss suffered by any person/organisation using the information contained in this application. WCDoA reserves the right to change or amend content at any time.

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CapeFarmMapper makes use of cookies to enhance the user experience. The cookies are only used to remember user choices across sessions and no personal information is collected during the session.

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